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The CEAP - Articulation of Marginalized Populations Center - is a non-governmental, non-profit, without partisan or religious ties. It was founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1989 by former inmates of the old National Welfare of Children Foundation (Funabem) with the help of representatives of the black community and the Women's Movement. The applicant violation of fundamental rights of the lower classes was the inspiration for the creation of the entity.

The CEAP operates through a General Assembly, a Strategic Council, an Executive Secretariat, a Communication Coordination, one Pedagogical Coordination of Programs and Projects and Operational Coordination.

The programs, projects and activities in the areas of Education, Training for Work, Human Rights and Defence of Religious Liberty are developed through partnerships with public and private institutions, and civil society sectors.


Combat racial discrimination and all forms of prejudice that reach the Brazilian population through Affirmative Action.

Future vision

Defender, include and maintain the affirmative action policies in favor of marginalized populations in all areas of public life (Government, Business, Society).

Strategic objectives

Legitimize the CEAP with the Government, Enterprises and Society;
Train staff and militancy;
Expand operations CEAP to the national level; and
Win partnerships and sustainability of media

3 Responses to THE INSTITUTION

  1. Paulo Sergio Silva Costa said:

    Mr. Ivanir dos Santos,

    Already knew his public figure because of various interventions in the media in defense of minorities. But knew nothing of his biography and work with their group ahead of CEAP.

    I commend the courage to face the daily challenge of fighting for minorities and against religious intolerance.

    Strength, faith and success to all.

    Paulo Sergio.


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