Camellia Freedom expect reward expressions of African Countries


The Camellia Award of Liberty hopes to have cultural expressions and other prominent countries of Africa. Proposal for this purpose was launched on Wednesday in celebration of the eighth edition of Camellia Prize for Freedom 2014/2015 Babalawoo Ivanir dos Santos, strategic advisor to the Population Articulation Center (CEAP) at the time of the award, in the category Communication vehicles, the TV Brazil, the display of the Angolan novel Windeck. The proposal was presented to the General Consul of Angola in Rio de Janeiro, Rosario Gustavo Ferreira de Ceita, who was present at the event. The meeting was hosted by actor Erico Brás and actress Juliana Alves in the PLACO the Vivo Rio.

Upon receiving the award on behalf of the National Radio, also in the Media group, lead to listeners Samba Point program, the journalist Reuben Confetti, host of the show pointed out that "the black yesterday marginalized are heroes today." He recalled that Paulo da Portela and Top Hat have been arrested for singing samba. In the same group were awarded the Evolution Hip Hop program, the CMA Hip Hop and journalist Dandara Tinoco, the newspaper O Globo, for his reporting on the allegations against religious intolerance. Dandara Tinoco cited the journalist Flavia Oliveira as one of their professional references and added that journalism should act taking into account the diversity and human rights in general.

In the category personalities were awarded Blessed Mother of Yemanja, the babalawoo Jokotoye Benkole Awolade, the Ayodele Balogun pastor, Yedo Ferreira, the Black Movement and Mário Lúcio Duarte Costa, Spider goalkeeper, who has played for Santos and is now at Palmeiras.

Benkole Awolade pointed out that "more important than any religion is the family." Blessed Mother dedicated the award to all women and thrilled audiences. Balogun said that life is to be lived, not wasted and, in its opinion, everyone should seek to do good. Yedo Ferreira pointed as imperative for the black community to fight for public policies to repair the losses imposed by the African trafficking and slavery. The Spider goalkeeper was awarded for having denounced racist attitude of the fans who suffered in a match in which operated at the time by Team Santos. He can not attend the meeting because of professional commitment.

In the Government category were awarded the Municipal Racial Inclusion of Orange Prefecture, in Sergipe, the agency initiatives and the City Department of Education Florianópolis Prefecture, in Santa Catarina by the measures implementing the Law 10.639 / 03 on network education. The secretary of the capital of Santa Catarina Education, Rodolfo Pinto da Luz, said that the access of students and black students to the school system and the rule of law is important for the black community and society. The Secretary of Sergipe City Hall, José Carlos Santos, said they were very large shortages of blacks and the Secretariat struggle to confront and overcome these difficulties.

In the category Educational Experiences (Law 10.639 / 03) received the Awards Afro-Brazilian Studies Center of the Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL), the Pre-university Quilombo da Bahia, the Group Afroamazônicos Studies, Federal University of Pará (UFPA) and the Study Group on Education, Gender, Race and Otherness BLACK (UNEMAT) of Mato Grosso. The pre-university has served more than 120 students. The work of the UFPA group is held in proximity to the social and popular movements.

Artists enliven the public Camellia Award

Marquinhos Oswaldo Cruz, the Velha Guarda da Mangueira and Jongo of Serrinha, all true virtuosos, packed the feast of Camellia Award. With a repertoire that included classical samba Marquinhos composer and singer Oswaldo Cruz in full pleased the audience. During the show he said that the samba is an important asset for the black resistance.

The singing, dancing and Jongo Percussion Serrinha thrilled the audience. The group of artists came down from the stage to sing, dance and integrate with the assistants. The Old Guard Mangueira was received with love and attended asked to present more music.

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