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Ceap Little Africa leads the debate


The debate "The Memory of Little Africa" ​​was conducted by the Population Coordination Center (Ceap) in the auditorium of the National Archives (NA). The event took place on November 19 last month by the passage of Black Consciousness. In

Victims in Niger has solidarity


Commission Against Religious Intolerance (CCIR) Victims in Niger has expressed solidarity The CCIR solidarity with the victims - and their families - attacks caused by religious intolerance in Niger last weekend. In total 10

"Religious Freedom, Freedom of Expression in Solidarity with Victims of Intolerance in Brazil and France" will be in ABI


The Commission Against Religious Intolerance (CCIR), in partnership with the Brazilian Press Association (ABI), with the Joint Center for Marginalized Populations (CEAP) and others, hold, next January 21 (Wednesday ) from

In choosing the ministry, Dilma wasted a chance to promote the construction of equality that promises in the speech


By the 60th paragraph of the long commitment letter presented as inaugural speech, Rousseff tried to construction of equality. Said that Brazil is destined to be a developed and fair country, where people have the same rights, "regardless

Success JPA Afrocultural Culture Point on November 20


The success of the event held last November 20, National Black Consciousness Day, in the Merck Square, in collaboration with the JPA Afrocultural Culture Point would have been impossible without the understanding and solidarity of the community

Blood Donation in Zumbi dos Palmares day


Blood donation campaign titled "Blood, Sap that Saves" will be held in commemoration of the Day of Black Consciousness at Mesquitense African Centre in partnership with students from Candmoblé Course Ceap, Adifala, Ile AséOyá Mi, Ile Igbo Agan,

Children and adolescents honor Ivanir dos Santos


The Babalawo Ivanir dos Santos was honored this Monday, November 10, with the title of "Leading month" for children and adolescents who study and receive other assistance of the Assistance Association for Social Causes Hill

Ivanir dos Santos speaks on Into on racism, access to health and intolerance


The lack of use of traditional and folk wisdom in public health policy was commented on by Babalawo Ivanir dos Santos in debate today on access of blacks to health care, racism and religious intolerance, sponsored by the National Institute

Difficulty in discussing racism harms education


No religious education curriculum will give account of all specific to the subject. The opinion was expressed by Professor Sandra Gurgel, the municipal school system and the state in Congress History, Religious Experience and Democracy. In the analysis of

Buddhism in Japan is afraid


In Japan infant baptism is done in Shinto, the wedding is held by the Catholic Church and the funeral in Buddhism. The summary was made by Bishop Buddhist Jyunsho Yoshikawa in Congress Democracy, Religious and Democracy experiences. The Bishop

Pointing Islam as fundamentalism interest to western powers


Pointing Islam with fundamentalism is of interest of the Western powers. The warning was made by Sami Isbelle, the Muslim Brazilian Society in Rio de Janeiro (SBMRJ) in Congress History, Religious Experience and Democracy. The speaker also said that

Only through education can deal with race relations


In Candomblé yard religious expression is the minimum installment. In fact, there are forms of struggle that can change the balance of forces in society. Note in this regard was made by Silvanyi Eclênio, the Special Secretariat for Policies

Revolt of Malês is a symbol of intolerance against Islam


One of the main evidence of intolerance against Muslims at the time of the Empire in Brazil was the Revolt of Malês, which broke out in Salvador (BA) showing dissatisfaction of black Islam fans with the persecution they suffered. Analysis