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SPECIAL: The intolerance against religions of African origin in Brazil


In commemoration of the International Decade of African Descent, a documentary produced by the UN Information Center for Brazil (UNIC Rio) addresses the causes of religious intolerance and the richness of African descent culture in the country. Religions of African origin are

Between the private and the public: considerations on the (in) crimination of religious intolerance in Rio de Janeiro

Intolerance and religious

The Western democracy model was formed influenced by the idea that modernization would lead to secularization, ie a decline of religion's influence on society through his shift to the private sphere, which would have caused

Intolerance against protest unites different religions in the north


Rio - People of different religions gathered on Sunday morning in Largo Bicao in Vila da Penha, in the north, to protest against religious intolerance after the stoning of candomblecista Kailane Campos girl of 11 years.

CNJ plenary approves blacks to access quotas for positions in the judiciary


The Plenary of the National Council of Justice (CNJ) approved on Tuesday (9/6), during the 210th Ordinary Session resolution which provides for the reservation to blacks within the judiciary, of places offered in tenders for provision positions

Spiritualist temple is attacked with stones in Humaita


Click HERE and watch the video.

For UN chief, religious leaders have a crucial role in the fight against intolerance


Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, reminded the religious leaders their obligation to manifest itself when the "so-called followers of their faith" commit crimes in your name. Religious leaders have a crucial role to play in times of turbulence during the

ICAMMALÊS debate held in honor of the martyrs of May 14, 1835


The Debate "The 180 years of Martyrs of 14 May 1835" held by the religious organization, ICAMMALÊS, will take place on May 14, 2015, at 17.30 to 21.30, in the Auditorium of the Cemetery of New Blacks - IPN

Journey to Mecca Yoruba - the most Globe


See PDF content by clicking HERE.

American research indicates that Rio received 2 million African slaves


RIO - Between 1500 and 1856, the five people in the world who were enslaved, one set foot in Rio de Janeiro. It was in the region of Porto, which today are Venezuela and the Baron of Tefé avenues, which docked

Rubem Confetti receive Camellia Award Freedom for broadcasting Samba Point program


By Fábio Silva Broadcaster, composer, singer, activist and scholar of african-Brazilian issues, Rubem Confetti (photo) will receive on March 25 in a ceremony to be held at Vivo Rio, only for guests, the Camellia Award Freedom for broadcasting of

Umbanda temple in Cachambi in Rio, is invaded and plundered


Watch video here.

Terreiro is equated with church in Salvador


City gives cambomblé centers the same traramento given to Catholics times Bahia DAY - was published Thursday in the Official Gazette of Salvador's decree text that equates, legal and tributariamente, institutions related to religions

Ceap quoted on National Radio


Starts 18th the Second International Literary Festival of the African Diaspora of St. Johns Wood, the Flidam II, with the participation of artists and American black activists and Brazilian writers. Who gives the details is the curator Rodney Albuquerque

OAB creates the National Commission of Truth Black Slavery in Brazil


Monday, November 3, 2014 at 15:15 Brasília - "We are one Brazil. We want a nation of equals. The end of racism and prejudice, not admitting intolerance and discrimination, are crucial to building a

OAB proposed truth commission to study slavery of blacks and their descendants in Brazil


Objective is to search episodes on the enslavement of Africans and their descendants and make a "historic and social recovery" of the country. Possibility of the commission's creation will be voted on Monday (3) Rio de Janeiro (RJ), November 2, 2014 ISABELA

Meeting should approve release Afoxé in Campos


A meeting at the Municipal Field of Culture will begin to decide this week whether to approve the release of the first afoxé group in the city. Understanding for holding the meeting came during the First Forum