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Camellia Freedom expect reward expressions of African Countries


The Camellia Award of Liberty hopes to have cultural expressions and other prominent countries of Africa. Proposal for this purpose was launched on Wednesday, the celebration of the eighth edition of Camellia Prize of Freedom 2014/2015 by Babalawoo Ivanir

CEAP held the 8th edition of Camellia Prize of Freedom, the 25th (Wednesday), at Vivo Rio


Show Marquinhos Oswaldo Cruz, featuring the Old Hose Guard and Jongo Serrinha Camellia Award of Freedom in 2015, has the seal Affirmation Action, Positive Attitude, will have the theme "Memory and Ancestry". The institution established in 2014 that was

Wide action against intolerance


"Freedom of religion, freedom of speech in solidarity with victims of intolerance in Brazil, France and Nigeria." This was the central theme of the act promoted on Wednesday, 21 at the headquarters of the ABI to Combat Religious Intolerance Commission

Success of the JPA Afrocultural Culture Point on November 20


The success of the event held last November 20, National Black Consciousness Day in the Merck Square, in collaboration with the JPA Afrocultural Culture Point would have been impossible without the understanding and solidarity of the community

Volta Redonda again receives the seminar "Lay State and Religious Liberty"


On the 28th, the Municipal Volta Redonda Education (SME) and the Population Coordination Center (CEAP) conducted in partnership, the seminar "Lay State and Religious Liberty" in order to discuss issues involving

Ivanir dos Santos is honored on the court of the Empress Leopoldinense

Ivanir dos Santos, Cah_ Rodrigues, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira (CA_) and Haroldo Costa (3)

Sunday (26), the babalawo Ivanir dos Santos was the samba school Imperatriz Leopoldinense court, where he received a tribute for his fight in defense of black people. Also were honored journalists Carlos Alberto de Oliveira (Cao)

School hosts debate on religious intolerance


In this Tuesday, 16 to Juscelino Kubitschek State Technical School in Jardim América, promoted the second edition of the Brazil Project Diverse, which includes in its program the round table "Inter Religious Dialogue attended José Roberto Cavalcante of the Presbyterian Church,

Civil Police chief receives CCIR


The Babalawo Ivanir dos Santo, the Interlocutor for Combating Religious Intolerance Committee (CCIR) and other members of the committee were received on the afternoon of Tuesday (16 September 2014) by the Head of Civil Police, Delegate Fernando da

Mint gets debate on religious intolerance


Ace Walk the eve of the debate on religious intolerance takes strength to do so, the Mint met the body of officials to discuss religious intolerance. In order to strengthen the table diversity was composed by different

Ceap repudiate racist offense against the goalkeeper Aranha

Spider - SFC Disclosure

Strategic Advisor to the Population Coordination Center (CEAP), Babalawo Ivanir dos Santos, sympathizes with the Spider goalkeeper, ie, Mário Lúcio Duarte Costa, who plays for Santos, and was the victim of racist abuse during the match against

Ivanir dos Santos is the course of teacher-judges invited to the EMERJ


The strategic advisor to the Population Coordination Centre, babalawo Ivanir dos Santos, attended on Monday (25) as visiting professor of XXXIV Magistrates' Training Course in the Magistrates School of the Rio de Janeiro State (EMERJ). The lecture

Ivanir dos Santos critical project that tries to impose Bible


The Babalawo Ivanir dos Santos criticized the project which is being processed in the Senate in order to compel each of the public libraries in Brazil to keep a copy of the Bible. Ivanir dos Santos expressed his opinion in a report

Borel was completed in selection


It was completed last August 09 the selection process of young people who will take the course of WebDesigner, based in the States Citizenship Institute of Tijuca, in the Borel community. Pre-registration service opened in the hose, City of God

Nufac unites in technical courses, art and black consciousness


The most important courses of the Black Youth Cultural Agents Training Unit aspect (Nufac) is the content on the citizens and the black consciousness. The comment was made by babalawo Ivanir dos Santos, Centro advisor

Religious intolerance hides power project

07 Religious intolerance

"The timing observed in the country requires that the fight against intolerance is as broad as possible." The statement was made on Thursday, in Niterói (RJ), at Babalawo Ivanir dos Santos, during the Seminar Lay State and Religious Liberty, the

Seminar classes opens the Training Course for Teachers in Nova Iguaçu


In this Saturday, July 26, there was an important meeting for the Baixada Fluminense area of ​​education. The campus Nova Iguaçu the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFFRJ) hosting the seminar "Pathways to a democratic education - By