Ceap Little Africa leads the debate


The debate "The Memory of Little Africa" ​​was conducted by the Population Coordination Center (Ceap) in the auditorium of the National Archives (NA). The event took place on November 19 last by the passing of the month of Black Consciousness. The opportunity was released the film "The Memory of Little Africa", which was sponsored by the Porto Maravilha Company, and authorship of the Director Jorge Melo. The Valongo's Wharf, which led to Little Africa, is in the process of recognizing their will bid Cultural Heritage of Humanity condition started at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) by the City of City of Rio de Janeiro and by the Historical and Artistic Institute (IPHAN). A decision is expected in the first quarter of 2016. The film was also a contribution to the process by the UNESCO and the application of Law 10.639 / 03.

The Strategic Advisor Ceap, Babalawoo Ivanir dos Santos, said that the very National Archives where it was in the meeting, there were documents on inputs and outputs ships in Valongo's Wharf. Daniel Lima, Director of the Urban Development Company of the Port Region of Rio de Janeiro, said that in the port area, there are African origin records. He added that "there are some places in the area of ​​Little Africa." This was one of the reasons that led the company to support the film "The Memory of Little Africa." Ivan Neves, Advisor to the Ministry of Justice stressed that the AN houses "a large file on the Valongo's Wharf and slavery (in Brazil)," by this organ performance was required for the process. Said the Valongo's Wharf axis brings change to the Brazilian government, it puts participation and the black contribution to the national culture. "It is important to secure public policy" Barreto emphasized. Superintendent Iphan, Olivio Barreto, recalled that last September the agency launched the proposal of the candidacy of Valongo Pier will Cultural Heritage of Humanity condition. The Journalist Rubem Confetti warned that a part of the historical collection that was found in the area is identified and cataloged, but Oura is packed in containers, and "that dammed energy is not cool."

Gifts to the debate agreed that it is important the fact that the beginning of the recognition process coincides with the celebration of 450 years of the City of Rio de Janeiro. The Executive Secretary Ceap, Semog He said that "in Valongo wharf long history of the Black and Ceap publications record this reality." The Secretary pointed out the possibility of the film being tapped into pedagogical and philosophical initiatives.

PhD in History from the University of São Paulo (USP), Inaê Lopes dos Santos, stressed that "to the strong sixteenth century was the spice trade in the Indian Ocean, and from there to the nineteenth century the slave trade was the most profitable company in the world. " Inaê, which is Professor in Contemporary History Research and Documentation Centre from Brazil's Getulio Vargas Foundation (CPDOC / FGV) noted that in Little Africa there was a reconstruction of what was to be African in Brazil. Professor Claudio Honorato stressed that since the year 1758 was Parliament's decision to withdraw the trading of slaves where today is located at Praça XV and take where it was built the Valongo's Wharf.

Ceap Little Africa leads the debate

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