Camellia Project Freedom - The Camellia Project Liberty, which has the slogan "Affirmative Action, Positive Attitude," with their support actions, promotion and dissemination of Affirmative Action initiatives, aims to sensitize society towards the appreciation and respect for racial and ethnic diversity of Brazil, to give visibility to the historical contribution of African descendants in the formation and development of Brazilian society.

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Realization of Camellia Award of Liberty;
Realization of five (5) Teacher Training Courses;
5 Realization (five) Municipal Seminars Paths for Democratic Education '- Contents of Law 10.639 / 03
Publication of six (6) books, one (1) book, two (2) Magazines and one (1) DVD;

Articulation of five (5) Regional Forums in the state of Rio de Janeiro;
Realization of five (5) Regional Seminars Paths for Religious Freedom in the State of Rio de Janeiro;
Disclosure and mobilization to VII Walk in Defense of Religious Liberty;

Project Favela CEAP-NUFAC - The project aims at initial qualification of african-Brazilian youth, between 15 and 29 years in the cultural Producer specialties, graphic visual design wizard and Web designer, with load of 200 class hours each course .
The place of implementation of the courses will be in the communities / slums hose, Borel and City of God. The choice of these places is due to the fact that the Rio de Janeiro, at present, be considered one of the cities with the highest population in slums in Brazil. Are 1,393,314 people in 763 slums, ie 22.03% of the 6,323,314 inhabitants of Rio.

Candomblé Project: History, Memory and Sustainability - The project aims to carry out the direct training of 50 people, and promote the strengthening and exchange of traditional communities of African origin of Yoruba origin, Candomblé, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, contributing to enhance the sustainability of these spaces, from independent or funded projects.
Training workshops are taught in Basic Computer, Communication (dissemination and social media) in Project Management in Corporate Law and Accounting Consulting and Tax Incentives.

Project Culture Point JPA Cultural Afro - The project, developed in the Plaza de Merk, in the studied area, aims to articulate the different existing socio-cultural initiatives in the territory and thus contribute to building and strengthening of socioeconomic inclusion of networks by culture.
The activities proposed, potentially directed to children and adolescents, take an educational / informative and training / education. They are: I) Workshops and courses: capoeira, jongo, samba, african-Brazilian dance and percussion; II) training / capacity building and dissemination of information: film club, audiovisual courses, photography and computer (web and social networks); III) Popular festivals: Carnival, State Day Jongo and Samba National Day.