Law 11,645

Law No. 11,645, of March 10, 2008


Presidency of the Republic
Civil House
Subchefia for Legal Affairs

Law No. 11.645, OF 10 MARCH 2008.

10.639, de 9 de janeiro de 2003, que estabelece as diretrizes e bases da educação nacional, para incluir no currículo oficial da rede de ensino a obrigatoriedade da temática “História e Cultura Afro-Brasileira e Indígena”. Amending Law No. 9.394, of December 20, 1996, amended by Law No. 10.639, of January 9, 2003, which establishes the guidelines and bases of national education, to include in the official curriculum of the school system the obligatory theme "History and Afro-Brazilian and Indian."

THE PRESIDENT it known that the National Congress decrees and I approve the following law:

Art. 1 the Art. 26-A of Law No. 9.394, of December 20, 1996, becomes effective with the following wording:

" Art. 26a. In primary schools and middle public and private education, it is required the study of history and african-Brazilian and indigenous culture.

§ 1 The syllabus referred to this article include various aspects of history and culture that characterize the formation of the Brazilian population, from these two ethnic groups, such as the study of the history of Africa and Africans, the struggle of black and indigenous peoples in Brazil, the Brazilian black and indigenous culture and the black and the Indian in the formation of the national society, rescuing their contributions in social, economic and political areas, relevant to the history of Brazil.

§ 2 The contents related to the history and african-Brazilian culture and the Brazilian indigenous peoples will be delivered within the whole school curriculum, especially in the areas of arts education and Brazilian literature and history. "(NR)

Art. 2 This the Law shall enter into force on the date of its publication.

Brasilia, March 10, 2008; da República. 187 Independence and 120 of the Republic.

Fernando Haddad

This text does not replace the one published in the Official Gazette of 11.3.2008.

Source: Law 11,645

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