Lei10.639 / 03

Law No. 10.639, of January 9, 2003


Presidency of the Republic
Civil House
Subchefia for Legal Affairs

Law No. 10,639, OF 9 JANUARY 2003.

Veto message Changes to Law No. 9,394, of December 20, 1996, which establishes guidelines and bases for national education, to include the obligatory theme "History and Afro-Brazilian Culture" in the official curriculum of the School System, and other measures .

THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC I know that the Congress decrees and I sanction the following Law:

9.394, de 20 de dezembro de 1996, passa a vigorar acrescida dos seguintes arts. Art. 1 The Law No. 9.394, of December 20, 1996, becomes effective plus the following articles. 26-A, 79-A and 79-B:

"Art. 26a. establishments In elementary and high, official and private education becomes compulsory teaching about history and Afro-Brazilian Culture.

§ 1 The syllabus referred to in the heading of this article will include the study of the history of Africa and Africans, the struggle of blacks in Brazil, Brazilian black culture and the black in the formation of national society, rescuing the contribution of the people black in the social, economic, and relevant to the history of Brazil policy areas.

§ 2 The content relating to History and Afro-Brazilian Culture will be taught within the whole school curriculum, especially in the areas of Arts Education and Brazilian Literature and History.

§ 3 (Vetoed) "

"Art. 79-A. (vetoed) "

"Art. 79-B. The school calendar will include the 20th of November as "National Day of Black Consciousness'."

Art. 2 o This law shall enter into force on the date of its publication.

Brasilia, January 9, 2003; da República. 182 and 115 of the Independence of the Republic.

Cristovam Ricardo Cavalcanti Buarque

This does not replace the text published in the Official Gazette dated 10.1.2003

SOURCE: L10639

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